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How do I plant dwarf hair grass?

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I purchased some d.h.g. , but am unsure of how to plant it. How deep do I put it in the substrate?
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if you have fish plant it half way...if no fish then just 1/4 way and cover the roots...also break up the dhg into smallest clumps as can plant each node an inch apart or closer depending on how much you have and how much area you have to will fill in faster this way and more evenly
Ok, thanks, you mean each of the strands right?
yea what i usually do because im lazy is take like 5 nodes together and stick them in the substrate..individual takes too long but with a 3 year old at your legs you dont have much time
It makes separating the grass easier if you float it in a bowl of water and pick at it that way. Otherwise it can become a tangled mess.
Ok, thanks people. My wife is pregnant so I won't have to worry about a three year old yet lol.
definitely plant it deep if you have fish - my betta loves to knock mine out once now that i've planted them. I also gave mine a fresh hair-cut before planting (tops & roots) to promote new growth.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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