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Hi everyone,

Long time lurker here, but I figure it's finally time for me to step out of the shadows. :) I am in the process of setting up a low tech 10 gallon for a couple of pea puffers. I'm going to try my hand at a iwagumi-esque style setup using pool filter sand as the substrate. I am by no means a scaper, so I know the purists will scoff at whatever I come up but I am going to try. I have 3 Ohko Dragon stones coming.
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The seller was nice enough to mark off the dimensions of a 10 gallon, so this is pretty much how they'll look and I think I might steal their positioning too! :)

Ok, to my question, if I wanted to do a slight slope say 2 - 3" higher in the back does that automatically need that I need to build up the substrate in the back? Should I just try it first and see what happens? I've never done a slope before so I'm just worried about creating a mess. When I get the rocks, I might see that a slope doesn't even really work, but I figured I would ask first. Thank you for any tips/insight that you can provide. I'm really excited about this build and plan on taking my time to get it right.
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