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How do I know is this wood is safe?(pics)

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I got this piece of dift wood that a local nursery sells. They have hundred of pieces of wood, and I got his piece for 9$. I have no idea what kind of wood it is and where it came from. If there anyway of treating it or finding out? It's a nice piece, for scale the glass it's sitting on is 25" long

Shot with COOLPIX S200 at 2008-01-18

Shot with COOLPIX S200 at 2008-01-18
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Prime is a seachem dechlorinator/toxic metal remover product that you can get at some pet stores and at most of the major online pet retailers. It also converts ammonia/nitrite/nitrate to a different form, less toxic form, I believe. Petsmart and Petco carry it, or at least one of them does.
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