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How do I know I need ferts?

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Just set up a new tank (also new to planted tank hobby), how do I know I need ferts? Can I still get thriving plants without ferts?

-caribsea floramax substrate
-aquaclear powerhead+filter
-finnex ray2 (at my substrate level I should be getting around 65-75 PAR)
-currently planted with hydrocotle japan and dwarf hair grass (aiming to carpet, both)
-paintball CO2 running 2bps thru a glass ceramic disc diffuser(powerhead also chopping the bubbles)
-w/c 50% weekly (conditioned with Prime)
-daily dose of Flourish Excel

Trying to prepare for if I need to start a dosing regime. I don't want some outbreak to happen and then conclude the solution to be lack of ferts. (or exhibit slow/stunted growth and find out its due to ferts)

Thanks PT
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With the light you have your plants should be trying to grow so fast you will need to add nutrients to the water to let them do so. See
Great links thanks guys
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