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How big is your biggest plant? (Pic)

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So after getting sick of pruning the hornwort every few days, I've decided for now to remove it from my 20g, and boy does my tank look a lot brighter! I knew it was fast growing, but I wonder if it would grow forever... Here's a pic of it as of 10 mins ago, it went from about 2 feet to it's current 5 feet in a WEEK! Anyone else have some record breaking lengths for hornwort or any other plants? I feel like it would be a waste to throw it out, so now it's in a 5 gallon tank. :icon_lol: I am wondering how much light it was blocking for my other plants...

Hornwort, I frown at thee.
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Yowza. I doubt anything would be able to loop around enough in my tank to acheive such lengths. I'll let you know tho, I've got some val that's doing an inch a day. ;)
I had a few species of Hygro grow like that in my 135 Gallon tank a few years ago.. it was insane how fast some plants can grow!
I pulled a 7 foot val out of my 110 once. I'm sure my Crinum is getting close to that by now too. Very impressive hornwort!
My current largest plant is a stem of Hygrophila corymbosa "Angustifolia" that Jen gave me. The stem seems like a tree trunk! :icon_lol:
YUP! That stuff gets BIG!
Hygro balsamica. I used to have it, I want it back.
Aponogeton ulvaceus:

If I remember correctly, it was about 40" including the flowers when I pulled it out this summer. What you see is approximately one week's growth.

Some more shots of it in my fifteen gallon:

An amazingly beautiful plant, and easy to grow too... I don't know more people with large tanks don't use it.

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I'm pretty sure my Crinum calemestratum nearing 5 feet in length by now. But I don't want to yank it to measure. At least they are spider leggy and not bulky. Going to have to find it a home in a year. Unless I get a 180.
Thread algae once..... 4 feet! Lol!
Mine goes about 9'' and is as thick as your forearm.

yes, it's true
I never really give anything a chance to get that long, but I have some hygro polysperma that gets ~1" a day in various directions. I had some moneywort and rotala sp green that grew a couple inches above the surface in my 90g. Probably around 2' tall they were.
I have jungle vals in all three of my tanks. I started out with 10 in one tank. Last I counted there are 45 between three tanks now. I keep them trimmed so the just arc the waters surface. I went away for 5 days and they gre between 6"-12". I couldn't believe my eyes. In my 45g (24" tall) The completely covered the waters surface I'd say they were no less than 36". I have to throw them away every other week. I don't know anybody around here to give them to.
OK, here it is... a three foot wide tank. And easily four foot long leaves, probably some close to 5 feet. 1.5 year old Crinum calemestratum. The blood red stem in the middle is a flower I cut which was going a foot above the tank, but was burned by the T5s on the way up. Its been leaking O2 at the cut for over a week and a half... Presently its having two or three babies at its bulb.

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1 Aponogeton thats gotta be nearing 36-40" easily. Grows from the back of the tank (24" width tank) all the way forward and loops around.
Wess. Is that an a. borellii I see?
Yeah, good eye. He is pretty young. Got em cheap too at LFS from a local breeder. 2 for $10 since they were so young we couldn't sex them.
Thats 22" from substrate to waterline. The plant is easily 36", I measured it a few days ago.
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My Crinum is out of control. That's a 110 gallon and the plant is easily > 7' long by now.
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