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how big is my tank

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the demintion are 36x18x16 how many gallons is it....?

WoW I CaNt SpElL
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Google provides a very nice calculator and unit converter, you can type that right in.
Sounds like a 40 gallon breeder.
if that's in cm, then it's 2.6 gallon

if inches? 40 gallon is right.
(L * W * H)/231 in inches will get you pretty close.
IN you case 36 * 18 * 16 / 231 = 44.88
I like the easy way of figuring it out :) here are some of my my favorite calc's. Per the tank volume calc that size equates to 44.9gals like daFrimpster said...
about the google calculator, you gotta know how to use it. A query of:

XXX cubic inches in gallons

where XXX is the number of cubic inches you have in your tank will give you the right number of gallons. I use this a LOT when looking on craigslist for deals... a lot of people go, "Oh, I've got a tank that's 24 inches by 10 by 12, It must be 40 gallons, but I don't remember - it's huge!"

ok nice thanks the tank is like a wide rectangle and it is pretty nice
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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