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How Big Are Baby Crystal Red Shrimp!

After having 1 carry eggs for 4 weeks. I found a few babys walking on the bottom near the front of the tank. I was very happy thought that I had 6 or 8 new babys? About one to two weeks ago I move them to another aquaium and they are very happy in there new home.. there old home is now going to get a make over so, I removed the heater and unplugged the hydrosponge airline.. NOW all I have left is 10gallons of water with 20-30 pond snails I left the wisper filter running because if the snails die well you know they will stink. I finally took time yesterday 5/20/2007 to remodel there old home 1-2 weeks later. I grab the Wisper Filter and the hydrosponge and put in in some tank water from there new home in a 3 gallon bucket. I grab another 5 gallon bucket and my clear 7ft long 1 " round hose and got 5 gallons of water in the bucket in 5 seconds flat and carried it outside and watered two birds of paradise on my patio.. I'm halfway done with the demolition have 5 gallons left... I grabbed the clear hose and tried 3 or 4 times with no success it just wont start so I laid it down and got my 3/8 hose and it started siphoning really slow i mean real slow I tried having a little fun and siphon some of the stuff on the bottom weel after it took up 3 or 4 rocks threw it I stayed off the bottom and watched it drain. Got the water level down around 2" and i saw what i thought was a microscopic Crystal Red Shrimp. And I was still siphoning how much more am I going to drain before I realize what I see. I now look over the Top of there old home and counted 15. I stopped doing what i was doing and started a rescue effort. I could see them and they can see me.. For those of you that dont know what to look for imagine this dot . <----- there just like there parents in color white head red stripe white stripe red stripe white tail.
There is 2 in this pic.

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