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How best to preserve my red claw crab's molt?

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My red claw crab has molted numerous times and this time I finally got it out of the tank before it began to disintegrate. I wanted to preserve one as she is getting up there in age and would like to have something to remember her by when she is in the great aquarium in the sky.
I just went by high school biology and put the molt in a jar with rubbing alcohol. However, the alcohol is turning yellow and the molt seems to be starting to fade.
I looked online and people seem to just dry out and then laquer their much larger crab molts they find on beaches and set them on shelves. Is this the way to go?

It seems like a very delicate thing to just leave it out like that so I was thinking if you guys believe it should be dried and laquered that I would put it back in the jar with cotton ball padding on the bottom--or would a sealed container encourage moisture growth even after laquering?

Others suggested drying and then some type of shadow box, but I would go with the molt sitting in a glass box instead. Don't want her molt pinned to a board.

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Without the crab, the molt has nothing to keep it strong. Applying the lacquer will pretty much seal what ever is already there. It will also form a hard coating around the shell. Another option since it is a small crab would be to actually make a clear cast cube. Think of a bug in amber.
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