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How annoyed are you by photo theft?

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I just found some of my pictures of my old 29gal tank on Fleabay, some French seller is using them to sell Lilaeopsis mauritiana.

It's not like they just stole one photo, either- they're even using a FTS of MY tank with their name on top of the photo- like it's THEIR tank.

I'm thoroughly annoyed, and just messaged them to remove my photos or I will report them to Ebay.

I never mind people using photos for examples or descriptive or any LEGAL use, but stealing my photos for commercial gain makes me :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:!

One of these days I'll get around to watermarking my pictures just to *help* prevent this, but still...

Not even like I'm a good photographer or anything!
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I am sorry to hear that, something similar happened to me a while ago. I feel like it is virtually impossible these days to keep track of photos. For a long time I didn't post any of my photos online because I was worried that people would steal them.

I wish people would just ask for permission to use the photos, or give credit to the person they took it from. At least that way it wouldn't feel like you are being robbed.
I just hope to someday take pics worth stealing. :red_mouth
Yeah it's annoying, but it's the internet... you should almost expect things like that to happen.

I was browsing through FB one day and came across someone who used a photo of my emersed Bucephalandra tank setup as their cover photo. I was really confused by it and a little creeped out as well...
That would be frustrating. It's the internet and all but still a of violation ones space.

On the bright side, it is also a compliment in a way.
I don't post anything on public forums and sites that I would care about being used. This includes CL, TPT, Facebook, etc. I rarely ever post pictures of my children except for privately to family. Even then I know those aren't safe since I can't control what my family does with them.

People search topics on Google images and use photos without ever knowing who took those photos. Not really creepy since there usually isn't a face behind the "stolen" photos (in most cases).
Yeah making a reference of someone else photo like we do is ok, but owning it is another. If this done in a bigger scale, they normally get sued. At least your tank is making it public.
WOW - they actually removed my pics! :)

Hopefully the photo they replaced mine with is actually their own...

Again, I don't mind if people use/share my photos for their own personal use, otherwise I wouldn't post them online.

But using someone else's photo to sell a product is unethical and also illegal. It's a violation of international copyright laws.
Another note is to always disable the geotagging anytime you are posting online. Unless of course you want everyone to know where you took the photo at. You know pictures of your family, valuables, etc. all with a precise location, date, & time.....

Another "great" idea that is remarkably idiotic.
Gotta love Big Brother. I bet a whole lot of crimes are about to be solved, though... LOL

It's only newer phone/camera models that include the geocache info, right?
THE V: Have to agree 100% with you on that.

Laura: I've found eBay to be pretty quick about shutting down auctions with stolen photos. Reporting them seems to work. But that doesn't change that shady practice. Seems to be a trend in our hobby that needs to not be a trend.

Thank goodness none of my photos are stellar enough to warrant theft.
It's only newer phone/camera models that include the geocache info, right?
We'll the iphone originally came with it turned on by default. So did the BlackBerry. Android came with it turned off but the feature is there.

Basically if there is gps capabilities on the phone the feature is available.
There was a big stink about and apple started disabling by default.
Gotta love Big Brother. I bet a whole lot of crimes are about to be solved, though... LOL

It's only newer phone/camera models that include the geocache info, right?
It's not just "big brother" you need to worry about. Criminals are using these methods to hunt down items or even individuals they hope to exploit. It's so easy, doesn't even require any special tools or software.

Basically any phone/device that can take a picture and has GPS...or network connectivity can potentially store location information if you don't turn it off.

Regarding OP, ya it does suck about photo stealing especially when someone is using to sell something and make money. There are simple ways to watermark your photos, it is added hassle but pretty much the only way you can retain evidence of ownership, file properties can be altered easily.
Another way to retain proof of ownership is to resize and save a slightly lower res copy of the photo before posting it. That way any thieves don't have access to the original which proves you are the owner and gives you the ability to make large prints.
I see Tom Barr's tanks posted on Instagram all the time as someone's personal tank. I just have to shake my head, especially since the other tank they were posting was some crappy looking set up, even compared to my own, much less Mr. Barr!
Doubtful the used their own. But imitation is the best form of flattery right?
I agree, personally if someone wants to 'steal' a picture I have taken go for it. But to each their own.
But imitation is the best form of flattery right?
Imitating a nice photo is not the same thing as outright stealing it, putting your name on it and using it to make profit. Theft isn't flattering at all.
Yeah it's frustrating. My photos are copyrighted, and someone is using them to sell the intense co2 reg on eBay. I reported the issue to eBay to have the photos taken down, or have the seller buy the photos, but because the seller is international they could not. I can't even get the seller's email. I don't mind people using my photos, but using them to turn a profit like they are their own? Not cool. Since then, I watermark all my photos.
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