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This is what should be arriving in the mail today or tomorrow

PLANTS ON ORDER-all from swap and shop
Starougyne repens 20-but he can't count so hopefully around 35
dwarf sag-- 25 nodes
Java Moss-- 1 huge handful portion
Pennywort-- not sure RAOK
water sprite-- not sure RAOK
taiwan moss-- 1 golfsize portion
Cryptocoryne wendtii 'bronze'-- 4 rooted plants
rotala Colorata-- 4 stems
30 valleseria americana already in the tank

Is this a good selection so far?
Any suggestions?

50 gallon
low light/tech
2-18" T8 15W 8000K SINGLE STRIP

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Your 50 G Low Tech

Good morning gonzo...

Glanced at your list of plants and you've made some good choices considering your lighting.

Low light plants will do best with a 6500 K bulb if you can get them. 6500 K best mimics natural daylight at 5500 K. The light blue color is closest to natural.

Your Water sprite will grow best in low light if it's floated. It needs to be close to the light source.

I have several experimental low light tanks and use pots and organic potting soil to grow some of my more challenging plants (see pics).

It's also helpful if you can dose a good liquid fertilizer one to two times a week.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.


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ty bbradbury
i actually made a tread asking about the
8000k vs 5600k 4100k
saw the others at HD and was wondering
if i should keep the 8000k
will switch to what they have closer to 6500k

dosed FLOURISH not sure if its comprehensive
thanks again
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