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Household LED bulbs?

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I am setting up a 5.5G and wish to use a desklamp for lighting. I was in my local store and found one of these bulbs in daylight...has anyone used these for tank application before? If not I can switch to a CFL but given LEDs tend to last longer I thought it would be worth a shot.
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I have a 6 gallons long shrimp tank with adjustable desk lamp with daylight LED bulb. The lamp is at one feet of the tank surface or i get algae "no co2 only excel". But my hygrophilia, frogbit and moss grow at a steady rate. Just make sure that you are able to play with the height of the light and you should be good to go.
Thanks! Yep it has an adjustable height....I did opt for the lowest "lumens" and "watt equivalent" I could find to hopefully minimize the algae. Did see some CREE LED knock offs present but none were screw in and daylight so I got the one that looked like a regular lightbulb. We shall see how it goes as I am setting the tank up today :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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