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I notice algae is building up on the back wall, & the filter, of my 30 gallon tank.

I inject CO2 & dose with some of the Seachem line. ( iron, potassium, prime & flourish ) Iron daily & the remainder once per week.

I do a water change every 2nd week & clean my filter every other month.

I was feeding 4 algae tablets/day, but I fear I may have created a lazy bristlenose. :) I stopped using the tablets. Maybe I should add another bristlenose.

I have a 6500 K T8 bulb. I was lighting 13 hrs./day. 7(on) ; 6(off) ; 6(on); 5(off)

I have reduced that to 8hrs. 2 ( on ); 3(off) 2(on) 8(off) 4(on) 5(off)

I have used the 2 & 4 hr. lighting periods for maximum viewing.

Any suggestions ?
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