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Hose fittings help

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Hello guys and gals I am in the process of ordering a eheim 2217 this filter has a 5/8 inch hose and a 1/2 inch size hose, is there anybody that can point me in the direction to find the fittings I need, I'm having a hard time. I need 3/4 inch threaded to 1/2 inch hose barb also 3/4 inch threaded to 5/8 inch hose Barbed I need one of each of these in a 90 degree fitting and one of each in a straight fitting any help is greatly appreciate. Im also curious if anyone owns the Eheim 2217, is the 1/2inch return hose too small of a diameter, it's the first time I'm seeing a 1/2 inch return hose. I've only owned the fx6, the 1/2 inch hose I can't picture putting out almost 250 gallons an hour but eheim has been around a while so I'm sure it works
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1/2" will be no problem for the 250gph. Your local hardware store will have all the barbed fittings.

Just make sure and grab a bunch of hose clamps.

You can always take the reactor and hoses to the hardware store and ensure they fit.
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Yeah my local hardware store is Ace Hardware they didn't have a single piece I need it I tried homedepot and they had one out of the four I need I'm going to try Lowe's after that my only option is online but I would hate to do that I would much rather test fit the pieces in the store like you mentioned if worse comes to worse I will have to find them online. Thanks for the response
When looking at Home Depot or Lowe's, be sure to get into the right spot for the plastic barbed fittings. Not just the PVC. And also don't miss that you may find the right item in the irrigations stuff.
There are times when I find what I need in the "Sharkbite" stuff also.
Like this?
SharkBite 3/4 in. Plastic PEX Barb x 1/2 in. Male Pipe Thread Adapter-UP138A - The Home Depot
Figuring out exactly how to work their description is a real trick!!

And as a last gasp, one can often order the fittings online to pick up at the store without shipping. Pain in the whatever to do it for a couple small parts but then it may beat driving twenty miles to the next stop?
Yea ill definitely try the irrigation and any other department that sells a plastic fitting. is brass okay with water running through it and the link you gave me would be perfect if it was opposite I need the threaded part to be 3/4 inch and the Barb to be 5/8 on 1 and another to be 1/2 inch i will be trying Lowe's this week thanks for the response
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