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Hornwort plant feedback - anyone?

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I like the look of the Hornwort plant, so I purchased 2. However, I'm hearing that it's a mess to keep as its needles fall out and pollutes the tank with them. Is this true by its nature, or does that trait come from the lack of proper care?
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I'd say that's pretty typical of hornwort. Grows like crazy but sheds just as much.
Never had a problem with mine shedding, maybe its cos its in high light and CO2 though
It only sheds when it's unhappy. Hornwort is a true weed. It will grow and grow and grow. It's a great plant for startup tanks for that reason. However, I would not recommend it for long term.

Also be aware that Excel and H2O2 kills hornwort. So if you ever need to use Excel or H2O2 to kill algae, be sure to remove the Hornwort or you'll kill it, too.
Another plant that looks similar to hornwort that I find grows very nicely in most setups is Myriophyllum (Myrio).

I have had Myriophyllum heterophyllum since 2009, and it's still growing strong for me. I've used it in many different settings, including medium light without CO2 or ferts. It doesn't shed many leaves, especially when compared to other plants with a similar leaf structure.

Two other versions appear very similar and should work just as well, Myriophyllum simulans and Myriophyllum propinquum. You can usually find someone selling Myrio in the for sale forum.
If you anchor it in your substrate, the bottom part will start to die, so every 2-3 weeks you have to pull it out, cut off the ends, tie it back together, and bury it again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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