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I know some of you are going to get a laugh out of this but my hornwort is falling to pieces:icon_frow and I don't know why.And I want the plant to grow:red_mouth
The original bit was bought 4 years ago and I have only one decent piece left in my 15 gallon.
The portion in my 20 gal has just decided to up and shed all over after doing really well for 4 years- so much so that I threw some out quite regularly!
The only thing different in the tank is a trio of platys that seems to like it.
In my 10 gallon the hornwort just dies overnight.
I run about 2 - 2 1/2 watts of flourescent light over each tank. there is java fern and jungle vals in the first 2 tanks, and in the 10 gal. there is sagittaria and a very small bit of java fern and a lot of java moss.
I fert. with tetra only monthly. light bulbs were changed about 1 1/2 years ago.
I wonder if the vals, sag. and javas are outcompeting for nutrients?
Any ideas?
I have taken a bit outside and placed it in a bucket to see if I can rejuvenate a bit.
I only keep the lights on the tanks for 4-5 hours a day plus whatever light is in the room. ( more now with summer hours)
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