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Hey all, I have several stems of hornwort for sale from my shrimp tank for sale.

They are .75 cents a stem, and the stems will be at least 6" (most of them will be much larger (upwards of 12")). These stems are extremely healthy and very pretty, and will be 100% free of algae although THEY MAY CONTAIN POND/BLADDER SNAILS.

In all, I have about 10 ft. of hornwort.

I also have some hygrophila cormybosa stems from a separate 10 gallon, they aren't all in perfect condition, but they do have nice red colors at the tops.

$1 per stem, should be about 6" tall, but keep in mind the leaves may contain some holes and deficiencies, but they will definitely recover. The tank used to have Co2 injection, but now is just lit by 2x13 CFL's.

Shipping is a flat $6 no matter how much you order.

Thanks guys.
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