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Hornwart dying

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I just reciently moved a few sprigs of hornwart to my 6g tank. It is bare bottomed due to cracks developing in the bottom of the tank. I have had major problems with ammonia due to our town now adding chlorimine(?) to the water. The horwart was/is taking over the 10g RCS tank, and I needed to thin it. Now in the 6g, it is loosing its leaves. I don't remember if this is normal for it due to a new environment, or is it really dying. I have not yet added ferts to this tank (has no shrimp in it). Any and all suggestions are very welcome!


no substrate, lighting is 15W (10,000K), Tap water contains up to .50ppm of ammonia, no Nitrites, Nitrates are at 10ppm, HOB filter
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