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hoping to find solution for a 75g

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Hello, I have a 75 gallon "reef ready" tank. It has an built in overflow to a wet/dry filter with a 950 gph return through a uv and has a 4x96 watt pc hood on it. I am going to make my wet/dry filter into a "wet" filter. Problem is that I had a reef tank, and took it down because I just dont have the energy to deal with making RO water, mixing salt etc. It has been sitting empty for a while now. I would like to make it into FW but i believe all FW tanks should have at least SOME plants( except those with herbivors or other fish that dont come from planted areas).

ANYWAY, my question is, is there anyway to make it into a low matenience tank with minimal dosing and no CO2 injection? Maybe just use to lights? I obviously will use anubias and java fern, anything else i can grow without CO2 since I do have a fair amount of light? Does not need to be a full blown planted tank, just have some plants since they are the basis of life.
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Your on the right track. Light will be the limiting factor and you will only be able to run two of those lamps at best. Even then your pushing it without injecting CO2, IMO.

Crypts are always a good group of plants with lots of folage differences between them.

Good luck and keep us posted.
You would have to limit the light to only one of the 96 watt bulbs if you hope to do low maintenance. Two bulbs would be 2.5 watts per gallon, and with that much light you will grow algae unless you use adequate fertilizing and CO2. Also, you will most likely want to change the bulbs to 5500 - 10,000K bulbs in place of the likely half and half bulbs you have now. Then Java ferns, anubias, crypts, vals should do fine, and maybe even some sword plants.
thanks guys. I guess I'll go with one bulb, and try the plants suggested. How would you suggest cleaning the salt water out of the tank. Drain the salt, and then let it run with freshwater for a while, and repeat?
I just converted a 75g reef tank to a freshwater planted tank. I only have a few plants right now, but it is coming along. I simply rinsed everything off and scraped all of the coralline off the sides. Rinsed it again and it has been fine.
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