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I'm in the process of getting a 180 gallon (6'x2'x2' roughly) and looking at my lighting options. I saw the Halo lights at a LFS and loved the look but they're just not in my budget (which is really quite minimal ideally, kind of silly with how big the tank is....). I found these lights at Costco yesterday and was thinking they might work.

I know they're a bit warmer at 5000K than usual. Is that going to be a problem for the plants, or will it just change the overall color a bit?

I'm shooting for medium-high medium light. I can go high light and do CO2 and everything--I have all the stuff--but it means so much trimming! Will I be likely to get there? I was thinking three of these as my tank has two center supports. I tried doing calculations but I'm not sure I'm doing them correctly.

The Halo lights were on a tank with emersed growth, and since my BF really liked the look of that I'd love to have some emersed growth on this tank. Having lights I can suspend above the tank would be nice for that!


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