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'Honey sunset thick liped gouramis'

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I honestly don't know what they are, they came under one name on the label but the in store tag has another name

Anyways I took three of them home, two lived, and now I think I have a male and female.

What do you think?


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absolutely beautiful! how big do these guys get?
Very lovely fish, I have never seen one resembling them before.
Those are the red strain of Trichogaster labiosus, the thick lipped gourami. They can grow up to 4" long, but 3" is more common. They are called "honey gouramis" in shops, but they are a completely different species & grow much larger than true honey gouramis, Trichogaster chuna. Yours definitely look like a pair. Good luck with them!
The female is 1.5 inches the male is 2.
They have been with me for 4 months now.
They have already doubled in size too, and in color. I'm quite pleased with how beautiful the male got.
Your photos make them look like they have gold plated scales, very lovely! Will you try to breed them? IF so will the other fish species be removed to recuse stress/fry noming?
If they breed they breed. I'm not going to try and get them to spawn. Someone was bubble nesting the other week but it could have been the betta.
There is no way to remove the other fish unless I want to break the whole tank down.

It would be easier to remove the fry and rear them in my shrimp tank lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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