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So a preliminary search shows that he may be sexually maturing which is why he is turning black, but his aggression has also increased quite a significant amount (which lines up)... Normally he was fine (I house him in an ADA 60P with 3 female guppies, a few amano, 4 ottos, and a mystery snail. This tank is HEAVILY planted with external filtration and in-line everything, high-tech. Assuming it is a breeding behavior, will this pass soon? should I try to isolate the guppy he is bullying (I only have a 3.5-gallon quarantine which I think would be too small for a honey). Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

I did take the guppy out for a day because she was swallowing air and her face was turning black from stress. I returned her for now and will be watching very closely.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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