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Hello everyone! I got this baby honey dwarf gourami from a lfs, she was on a tank with dozens of baby dwarf gouramis..I got her along with 5 baby cardinal tetras,,

3 weeks had passed since I got them and no fish has died since, the thing is I havent seen the dwarf gourami eat for 3 weeks! In her first 2 weeks all she did was swim across the
glass playing with her reflection, she is the only gourami I have. I wanted to buy 2 but i heard they are aggresive towards each other?On her 3rd week she has been swimming slowly and when she get tired she rests in the glosso or leaves looking like this

then she will swim again

I really think she is stressed because shes the only gourami in the tank?Would it help if I buy another baby dwarf gourami for her to play with?

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