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Homemade nanoshrimptank project (needing some advice)

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Hey I built this enclosure out of random supplies around my house and it’s actually pretty cool. I used a mini pump, tubing, sand/rocks from another tank, a huge jar I got with my daughters blocks from Walmart for 20 bucks, the smaller container on top is a cheeseball jar which was like 6 bucks and I just modified the bigger jars lid to fit upside down instead of screwed on so the waterfall streams don’t leak out but instead pool up and drip through all the holes in the lid which I also added some garden fabric liner, some weeds from outside and pebbles for perfect drips into the bottom jar which is pumped up and overflows the top jar etc, which I hope it really filters. Now where I’m stuck is the part on which plants and inhabitants I should get and if there’s any other good suggestions on anything that can be improved and if you are willing please tell me what you think personally I’d really appreciate that, thank ya
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Looks really cool!

I would only do snails or shrimp in here, and make sure all the pumps are shrimp-safe. Start with 3 cherries and a nerite or a few pond snails?

Whatever you go with, I would put a ton of plants in, and let them grow and live in there for at least a few weeks before adding shrimp. Most Walstad set-ups need a ton of plants to keep the water quality good enough for shrimp or small fish.

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Pretty cool set up! I could never do that... my cats would knock it over just for spite, lol.
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