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Home Depot led rgb lights, good for fish tank?

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So, I was at the Home Depot today and found these lights.
For the cheap price, I thought they would be a good addition to my tank. But I don't know if I can stick them to the inside of my top cover.
Would the humidity and water be a problem?
Even if I made sure the connections were all outside of the tanks, and only the tape stayed inside?
It was the last pack they had there, so I would really like to know if I should buy it or not.

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Weather they are any good or not I have no idea, what I do know is you can get them on fleebay for $16.00 (or less) with free shipping. I got some to add a little colour to my son's 29 gal tank, need to order the joiners so I can add multiple strips, order the waterproof roll and you don't have to worry about condensation.
Thanks for that post, it made me search on Amazon for submersible led strips, and there seem to be some nice deals there!

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Yeah, I found some good deals on Amazon.
This one looks quite appealing.
But I've thought about this a little, and what if these waterproofing silicones are not aquarium safe and leach chemicals into the water?
Is this a real concern, or am I just over thinking it?

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