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Holy crap! CRS babies ---- at last!

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I just peered into my tank earlier and noticed CRS babies! Yes!!
I bought just 7 off a fellow club member a month and a half ago roughly and I really didn't think they were going to breed in here. The tank has tons of clado, hair algae (low tech, non-Co2), but I saw 3 of them crawling across some rocks. I bet there's more, but I have no idea how many they give birth to at once.
The RCS spawn frequently and in great #'s, but I doubt it's the same sort of thing.

Never seen a CRS this tiny before. It's about the size of a granule of aquasoil, or slightly smaller. I can see the distinct red/white lines on it. How cool is that?
I was told that the gestation period is slightly longer than RCS. Can anyone confirm?

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Congratulations. i just obtained some CRS not too long ago, so hopefully I can breed them as successfully as you. Could you post the tank parameters as another source of info for us just starting to raise these guys?
Awww, congrats :) Pics!
Tank parameters: It's nothing special and I certainly don't put as much work into this tank as I do to my 90g.
tank size = 25 tall (24 x 12 x 20)
temp ~ 76
ph ~ 6.6 (I just added DIY Co2 a couple days ago)
Nh4, No2 = 0
No3 ~ 20 ppm (test kits sucks, but it was medium/light red)
Po4 = ?

There's a thin layer of aquasoil, maybe 1/2 - 1" deep. A few rocks piled in the middle area.
Lighting 55w for 8-9 hrs/day
Medium planted - some sunset hygro, java ferm taiwan moss, xmas moss, pellia, najas grass and a couple others....oh yeah, there's also a good deal of clado and some hair algae, mostly on the xmas moss.

They really like hiding in the moss though.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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