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holy cow, nitrates up in the 80ppm range(or higher)!!

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What do I do?!?! Should I do a water change??

Why are they so high?
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Yeah man do a water change, 60 to 75% as needed, did you change your filter media? How are the other parameters, what are you dosing?
ph - 6.8 - 7.0 (hard to tell)
no ammonia/nitrite
gh - 4
kh - 2

and yea, nitrates way off the charts. been doing ei dosing but might stop and just go low light.

havent changed any media for a week or so.
dang i knew my shrimp were acting slightly off. wasn't sure what it was, it didn't look like ammonia. the shrimp were just being really calm, not moving much so i ran the tests and was mind blown at the results!
Do Half the EI dosing and maybe every other day. Do water changes daily maybe 5-10% until you get it under control. Dont shock the tank mates too much
I don't dose for nitrates in my shrimp tank. I'd stop dosing that all together.
yeah same thing happened to me with EI dosing. I was using test strips and they were okay. then using a test kit it was sky high. water changes for many days and shrimp much happier
I keep my nitrates under 6 ppm on my shrimp tank, but I have seen successful colonies thrive at 30 ppm with full co2 and high light, I guess it all depends on the shrimp type.

You can accommodate your EI and decrease the no3 and po4 accordingly don't just stop
Don't go over board on the water changes, maybe 20% first and then 10% every other day until they come down.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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