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holey rock, terrarium, black beauty for sale or trade

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Englewood area. if I am to trade I am in great need for a 200 watt minimum submersible heater. also interested in flat stones, manzanita wood. might be interested in live plants and also looking for bolivian rams and other dwarf cichlids. I need the heater though before I would consider fish really.

4 chunks of tx holey rock. $25 for all.
Largest one is around 10 pounds, two of the smaller ones around 4 lbs each and the small one is around 1.5lbs.

terrarium $30 - didn't use it to long. anoles didn't last too long and went back to fish. was about 90 with the décor new. vertical, screen top, front opening door with adjustable vents. has humidiy and temp guage. pics up later when I can get to it.

100lb bag of black beauty blasting grit $15. I did make a small hole in the bag to check it out when I bought it but it is still in the original bag never used.
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here's the terrarium and a pic of the bag of black beauty.

terrarium is zoo med 12 x 12 x 18. comes with the big fake mangrove decoration. I don't know why I thought it had adjustable from vents but it doesn't. humidity and temp gauges included as well. 30 bucks. anyone who is interested in it I will clean it out before showing it.

black beauty is 15 bucks.

I still have the holey rocks as well.

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everything has been sold or spoken for.
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