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I was at my Lfs picking up some bloodworms....then I saw a Betta I had to have, I've never even liked Betta's before I saw this one.

I had a 2.5g tank that has been in my attic for years. I wanted to put it on a shelf that built into my wall but it was an 1/8" to wide. I decided to derim the tank do it would fit. I broke and had to drive all over town to find a new one.

I through this whole tank together in about 5 hours.

2.5g (de rimmed)
Air pod air pump
Glass co2 diffuser(switching to spounge)
Pre cycled sand out of another tank
26w 6500k cfl
5.5" shoplight modified
Crypt wendti
Hygro sunset

Veil tail Betta
I may add an amano shrimp or 2
Here's the pics
Green Chair Table Wood Grass
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Fixture Gas Wood Machine Household hardware
Water Light Fluid Pet supply Fish supply
Property Wood Floor Flooring Hardwood
Water Plant Leaf Pet supply Fluid

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Very cool! I would love to have aquariums incorporated in to the walls of my house. You did good work!

Two notes on it though. One is that the betta is not a veiltail -- it is a delta or possibly low grade halfmoon. Second, if you really want your little guy to flourish, Bettas do best in water temperatures of 76-82 degrees F, so you might consider finding a way to add a heater in there! Stability in the temperature and having the proper temperature will ensure that his health stays better and keeps him lively and happy!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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