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Hole in head disease?

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Here's a pic of one of my keyhole cichlids. Please note the area between his eyes. It seemed to appear over-night. Could this be simply scale damage from scrapping something, or possibly hole in head disease? He has been moved to a quarantine tank and I added seachem stressguard. The guy is eating normal, acting fine, and does not have white stringy poop.

For some background; water quality is excellent. I have tested all parameters. My tanks are heavily planted and fish are mostly non-agressive. Nutrition is good too. If hole in head, all I can think of as possible stressers could be age (bought him big) or possible nutrient difficiency (calcium, magnesium) I use RO water, yet I do add seachem equilibrium to add calcium and magnesuim as well as alkaline buffer. My gh and kh values are typically 3-4. My gh test kit has passed the expiration date though and is wonky.

Advise for treatment: water changes only or possible metro?


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If it doesn't improve, metro. Granted this is with angels, but they usually act a little off long before stringy poo makes an appearance. I have one that was almost apathetic when it came to eating. He'd eat, but not with a lot of enthusiasm. And he was pretty much the same when it came to spawning/fry care. After the first dose, he turned into a jerk. Well, ok then. Still a lousy parent though. My daughter named him and his mate, "Dumb and Dumber".
The article you provided is awesome! The information on gh and kh and it's possible impact on hole in head disease problems is a must read for those using ro water. I try to be careful on checking these values, yet as I noted my gh kit is past it's expiration date. My new one arrives tomorrow.
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