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HokieFish 6 Gallon

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Well, I've been donig some research and after going through tank withdraw after selling off my leaky 150gallon, I'm in the planning phases of a new planted tank. I like the look of the 6 gallon long tank:

I plan on ditching the hood, light, and filter and replacing them with the following LED light, Cable heater, and canister filter:

My idea is to place it on the accent wall that divides the front of my house from the living room. There is a wall that has a decorative cutout in it that I feel is perfect for a tank. My rendition of this space can be seen here:

I would like to build a wood case around the tank (bottom, side boxes, and canopy) to hide the filter, heater controlls, lighting, and CO2 (DIY bottle plumbed into the filter spray bar return). This will make it viewable from both sides of the cutout.
I'm planning to start it out emersed, with HC. My first questions is if an LED fixture (Marineland Double Bright LED) with 450 lumens will be enough light for such a project? It is a large light for a tank many times larger than this application.
Next comes Substrate. I was thinking going with Miracle Grow Organic with a top layer of black sand or black Flourite (I have had experience with Flourite in the past and liked the results). Since I'm going dirt, i was leaning toward sand, any suggestions?
I'm definately open to feedback on this plan. It's still a little bit off from coming to fruition, but wanted to get the general idea out there and see what you guys think. Thanks for the help!
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