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HOB/Canister/Internal Filters and CO2

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If I understand correctly, surface agitation in a CO2 infused tank increases gas exchange from the water/air boundary thereby decreasing any potential increases of dissolved CO2. So, if one has a NON CO2 tank, does the increase surface agitation and gas exchange from a HOB still affect overall dissolved CO2 as compared to a canister or internal filter? More specifically, is there a benefit to plant growth using a canister/internal submerged filter vs a HOB.
I have a small nano 2.5 G tank at work that has consistently AMAZED me with the growth rate, ability to grow various plants and, health of plants and lack of algae with no CO2 or ferts. It is a soil based tank (Very small amount) but i attribute the growth to the fact that there is NO surface agitation because I use a mini internal filter with a spray bar submerged.
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I gotta say you are lucky that you have great growth rates and little algae, your doing something right.

I would think in a non-CO2 tank, you would want more surface agitation. That way as the plants in the tank use up the dissolved Co2, the surface agitation would help add Co2 from the air.
From a fish keeping perspective I know that increasing agitation helps release excess CO2 and pick up O2 for the fish and bacteria. It makes sense that it would work the same with picking up CO2 when levels in the water are low. My only serious plant tank in the past was a 55G with little to no agitation also and the plants I had grew fairly quick, most I'd consider weeds tho :tongue: Were you setting another tank up and considering filters to buy? If so I'd pick a canister, then you could see for yourself if agitation made a difference with your specific setup;)
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