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Ok I trimmed my 75 gal today and I have lots of Hippuroides about 18 stems all 5-8" long. 3-5 stems of Ludwigia Ovalis, 2-3 stems of Pink Ovalis. I have one Java Needle Fern. I also have one Trident Fern about 20" with countless sisters (see pix).

Stem Package
6 stems Hippuroides, 6 stems Ludwigia Ovalis ( Gold & Pink),
$18 Now $15 shipped

Fern Package SOLD
Trident & Needle Fern
$20 shipped( The Trident wont fit in small box)

"Hippy" Package
10 stems of Hippuroides
$20 shipped Now $15

I have Angelicus Loaches in this tank so snails don't stand a chance! No CO2 just straight dirt and fertz!
I also have a bunch of Mexican Oak that I can throw in for free if you want it.
Payment must be received by 10 am Monday August 31 in order to be sent out on Monday.


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