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i have been reading a lot of books over the years in order to advance my understanding of aquatic ecosystems in general. eventually, i want to go to college, but i lack the patience to sit around and wait for my education, so i started studying limnology about ten years ago. so far the books that have helped me the most, especially when i take on a new project, are Wetzels "Limnology, Lake and River ecosystems" third edition, and Hutchinsons 4 volume series, A treatise on Limnology.

are others, such as Pennacks "freshwater Invertebrates of the United States", but most such books are really just to help with culturing, obtaining, and identifying various critters i culture for live food.

i have read a lot of books pertaining to freshwater planted tanks, such as walstads book, but none of them come close to the amount of useful information found in Wetzels and Hutchinsons books.

if you want to really understand WHY something works instead of just knowing it works(im plagued with the questions "why" and "what if") and have a good idea about how to culture all kinds of live foods...

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