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Hello people new member here;
I've been away from this hobby for the past 4years but finally im back.
So my tanks all specs are below but here is the long story can shorten if you want
.I did a dry start about 2.5 months back.Cant remember exactly but emerged state took like 2 months .They were with Tropica's emerged Micranthemum "Monte Carlo" and Alternanthera reineckii "mini"
All the plants did grow fine monte carlos spread a lot , their leaves all did die then grew back all fine.When going back to submerged it still did happened but to a lesser extent.
After i did flood the tank i used tropica's premium fertiliser which dont contain N and P.
They recommended that for the first months of tank but i didnt count the emerged state.
Now Monte Carlo's are not bright green(far right side is healthy) have bunch of dead leaves and now got algae over them.Alternanthera's are all fine.
Algae also seems to be on sand also.Im guessing its hair algae(its very fine , short and grey)
Is their bad shape due to no macros?I think light is no problem nor co2 but i can up that little more.
I now bought the specialized version which have nitrate ammonium and phosphate also.Im using that according to directions(1.2 ml for every 10 liters weekly) hope that bring them back to life.Should i use the specialized and premium in rotation?(one day premium one day specialized)I dont know the exact ingridents so cant say how mg from every macro/micro.
Besides water changes, co2 and proper fertilisaton what can i do to combat algae?Should i remove bad ones and buy a new pot?Cutting dead leaves is pretty hard without disturbing the healthy ones.I can buy 2 pots of them for the price of 10 amanos so its not that big of a problem.
I did changed 20 liter every other week but i will do that weekly now.

Also any tips, pointers from now on?I dont have any test kits besides ph and co2 drop checker which ones would you recommend?

Rescaped yesterday when i bough new plants(excuse the spinach)

Best i could do to capture algae


Tank size;
75x27x42(cm) 85 liters(21.9 us gallons)

Fishes;(just added yesterday they dont eat the algae tho)
2 Sae
3 otocinclus

Plant list;
Cabomba Caroliniana
Alternanthera reineckii "mini"(drystart)
Micranthemum "Monte Carlo"(drystart)
Hygrophila Siamensis 53b
Myriophyllum mattogrossense
Hemianthus micranthemoides
Vallisneria americana
Lilaeopsis mauritiana

Lights;(8-9 hours) Almost 1 watt per liter
2x18w t8 Aquastar and grolux at back
2x24w t5 aquastar and grolux at front

Pressurized co2 with ceramic diffuser 2 bps (open 24/7)

Jbl aquabasis plus 2.5 kg as first layer
Black quartz sand over it

Tropica Premium Fertiliser
Tropica Speciliazed Fertiliser

Eheim 2213(added sera nitrivec for filter culture)
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