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High tech iwagumi betta tank

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I am down sizing to just one betta tank so I making my dream tank on a small scale
I am using a 5.5 gallon tank

Eheim 2213
Eth 200 w inline heater
ista max inline co2 reactor
spin lily pipes
co2 art regulator
Finnex FugeRay Planted+ cliplight

Dwarf hair grass
dwarf baby tears

I am really excited about this tank. I have always wanted a iwagumi style tank. I have tried to have a carpet in the past though and it has never worked. This time I am going to start with the dry start method and hope that it helps.

Any suggestions on the hardscape would be appreciated.


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Just finished putting together the new stand for it. I like how the smaller stand makes the tank look so much bigger.


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Stand looks good, liking the clean lines. Store bought item?

It's a good find, proportions look correct. I'm looking for a similar type of stand, inexpensive with a decent design having storage below.

I got a eheim 2213 off craiglist yesterday. It is missing a couple of parts but I can order them offline pretty easily. I only payed $30 for the filter so I think I got a good deal on it. I also got my light on Sunday.

I planted my tank today! I ordered two pots of dwarf hair grass and HC but I think I could have gotten away with only one pot of dwarf hair grass. I planted both though hoping that it would fill in faster.


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