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I am going to be doing a high tech 90P and will be using Aquasoil in my planted areas of the tank... I have a 36" tek light with 2 giesemann aquafloura and 2 giesemann Midday bulbs. I will have the light on an adjustable hanging system so I can hang the light at any level. I have had a few planted tanks so far and have a pretty good grasp on co2 and lighting. My issue is with the fert's I am using Phertz pump liquid fert's right now I like them but with the 90P I can see that becoming expensive.

I need to know what I should lay down under the aquasoil, and also how to mix dry fert's along with proper mixing levels and times to actually fert. I know it is asking a lot but I really appreciate the help! thanks!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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