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High end nano CO2 setup -- GLA regulator, atomic diffuser, 5 20oz tanks.

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For sale is a very high quality Co2 setup, just about the best you can buy for a nano tank of any kind. The only reason we are selling is because all of our nano tanks are now low light affairs built specifically for shrimp breeding. Our 120 planted has a big system on it with a 15 LB tank and a dual stage stainless reg. If I thought I would ever do another high tech nano, I would keep this.

Included are the following:

1 GLA Atomic Paintball regulator V.2 in perfect condition. Great needle valve on this unit!

1 *unused* 50 mm GLA atomic diffuser. Mist!

1 GLA Atomic check valve. Much nicer than your standard petco stuff.

5, yes 5, 20 oz paintball canisters. 4 have 2012 hydrostat dates. 3 of these are FULL. The 5th is out of date.

$150 FIRM for the setup. This is the cost of the regulator new, for some context. No interest in haggling on this price. I am located in the city.

You cannot get a nicer nano Co2 setup.

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I'll take it

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Presumptively sold to Noch. I will bump if it is available again.

I'll take it

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