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1I can only seem to attach two photos for some reason and can't reply with more photos....

So buying stuff for my "Dream" tank
(more like a nightmare, one thing goes wrong after another...) I ended up buying a few things I thought I wanted/needed that, ultimately I wasted money on for one reason or another. I'm selling them now because I got RIPPED OFF and someone SOLD ME A DEFECTIVE AND/OR MISUSED ADA SOLAR-I. I have to now buy a new ballast for something "supposedly" new and unused, and while they could file a warranty claim on my behalf they refuse to go the extra mile. This "garage sale" will help to pay for that. You can do the math as to who here sold it to me if you want. A you can clearly see, I have one negative false Itrade feedback from this person that has been reported.

All items are almost new (less than one month) and a couple items, like the Vuppa, have only been in the water a day or two. Only the Elos reactor comes with a box. Buyer pays shipping

I will post pictures later today :) This is just a long post so I wanted to go ahead and get it posted.

I have an ADA Superjet ES-600 for sale. Works great, great condition. $300. ADDITIONALLY
I also have an ADA ES-600 canister filter body. It needs a new pump. You can contact an ADA distributer and order one if you want to have "the look" or you can attach any suitable external pump to it that takes 13 mm intake and runs at ~100 GPH. $200.

I've got a Vuppa-1: $100. Comes with Proper Adaptor for US use. BARELY USED.

Elos Rea 30 (RELLY nice and hard to find in the states, comes with little certificate of authenticity and other paperwork. Great little reactor for a 30 gallon tank or smaller. You can watch it all day! I don't need this since I am using the Rea50 instead. $150, I paid $220+shipping from Italy.

I have an Ozotech air drying machine. This will automatically dry a container of desiccant if you are using ozone (or anything requiring desiccant) every night. I spent too much money on this impulsively and I still can't believe I bought it. It's been used for a grand total of three hour. $300.

Maxspect Gyre generator XF130. What you see is what you get, all of this stuff goes with it. I liked it, but I like the weaker Vortech pumps more I think. Icecap module to allow Gyre XF130 to run with a Neptune Apex come with it FREE, as well as a special cable that allows you to run the pump in forward and reverse motion (without having to switch rotors.) If you don't use an Apex then you can always have the module on hand if you ever do get one, or you could sell it to someone else. $175. Someone is going t get a really good deal on this one. The expansion module/extra cables not shown. Comes with end cap to let you use one rotor instead of two

Twinstar Nano Plus. I ended up buying a real ozone setup so this seems like dumb to have both on one tank. I lost the little stem/suction cup for the electrolysis disc reactor thing. Comes with a little hang-on bracket normally sold separately. Coms with proper adaptor for US use. $100

When I ordered my Elos reactors, they sent me some free swag that I don't need. These are full-sized (500 mL) bottles of Elos's NEW Advanced Formula. They are 50% stronger than ADA fertilizers (ADA recommends 1 ml per 20 liters daily, Elos system uses 1 ml/30 liters daily.

$50 for the full set. Includes, Potassium, Phosphate, Nitrate, Iron, Mineral Supplement (gh/kh booster) and Micros. Set retails for about $100. SOLD

Green Leaf Aquariums algae scraper/razor AND extension rod AND three or four replacement blades AND sand flattener. $95 retail, I'm asking $50. SOLD


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