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I had an Iwagumi setup in this tank but for some reason my DHG 'belem' carpet was starting to thin and die, so i tore up everything, and bought a new bag of ADA amazonia and got to work! I didnt take many pictures of the setup because I got into the zone and forgot to take progress pictures haha...

lighting - fluval 13W X2 (the lights that come with the fluval ebi)
2.5 lb CO2 tank with fisherbrand CO2 regulator
ADA amazonia substrate

-seiryu stone
-manzanita branches

- needle leaf java fern
-blyxa japonica
-cypt. wendtii green
-crypt. 'green gecko'
-anubias nana
-anubias nana petite
-anubias hastifolia
-singapore moss
-fissidens fontanus
-dwarf hairgrass 'belem'

-cardinal tetras
-rummynose tetras
-amano shrimp

I will update this thread as the mosses grow and the hairgrass carpet fills in, I am so excited to see this tank progress!

I will be adding more rummynose tetras, at the moment I have 5 JUMBO ones but want more, probably smaller sized ones. I also want to add some eriocaulon species plants as well
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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