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Hiding Green Neon Tetras

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Hey everyone, I would love advice on my particular situation. I have a 48 gallon aquarium, heavily planted, medium light, and two big pieces of driftwood.

I have 15 green neons in my aquarium. The thing is, every time I poke my head around the corner I see them all out. However any time I am in the room, they are all hiding. It has been this way for two weeks. I am more worried that they are getting enough to eat. It is also frustrating they we never get to enjoy them. I am feeding almost natural trio blend and a mix of three different pellet foods ground up.

I also have 6 amanos, 3 african filter shrimp, 1 guppy, and 3 red lizard catfish.

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No expert on tetras, but green neons are largely wild caught and thus still need soft, acidic, tannin stained, rather warm water akin to their wild habitat in order to do well - not good guppy or shrimp water (the catfish might adjust). No clue if that's the problem, just wanted to mention it.
I've had 20 for about a year now and they do the same thing. I always chalked it up to being the high light I'm using on the tank.
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