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excluding glass pipes of course as there's no size for my filter tubing and I do not want to use reducer.:)

I want to hide the tubing behind some tall plants (e.g. vallisneria and etc). The intake will be just your normal intake but the outlet will be an elbow bend at the end to "shoot" water and dissolved CO2.
but somewhat I'm unconvinced this would evenly distribute the CO2 enriched water so I'm thinking of using this PVC fitting. The 1 outlet shoot water to the front of the glass while the other shoot waters to the other side. They would be at the back of course hidden by the tall plants. But again, I'm unsure if the plants in the middle would get their share of dissolved CO2.

I also thought of using the spray bar but I think I might have a problem with distribution once the tall plants reach enough height to block the spray bar outlets?

any thoughts? thank you for the help

ps. This isn't a show/display tank. It's for myself and families viewing pleasure. But I would like to hide unsightly filter tubing as much as possible :) Also the heater will be hidden behind the tall plants as well.
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