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My name is Cami, I live in Riverview, Florida. I've been lurking here for a while, learning. I have a 38 gal planted tank which now houses 2 rescued discus. I'm not new to discus as I had discus for years, barebottom, daily WC. Two years ago when I moved here I got out of the hobby for a while. I couldn't keep the bug out of me for long and a year ago I set up a nano reef tank 25 gal which is doing spectacular. I love salt water but my heart is still with the discus.

My tank is 38 gal started 1st week in Jan 2007
96 watts
diy co2 2 (2 liter soda bottles)
eco-complete substrate
mostly stem plants for now
couple of vals
twice weekly flourish
ph 7.4
temp 84

2 rescued discus (green wilds) they had fin rot and secondary infections, but are healthy now.
18 Cardinals
2 ottos
2 Panda Corys
2 small clown loaches

oh yeah, plenty of hair algea.

picture in profile :


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Cami: Very nice tank! :) I would love to see your discus too. I can't see them in your tank pic. :(

BTW, if you are only dosing Flourish, you are going to need to dose macros (NPK). That will help get your tank in balance (food for your plants). An easy way of doing this would be EI dosing. Here is a good link for that:

Of course there are other methods and the info is out there (search function), but I have found EI to be so easy and it works.

Keep us posted on your planted tank! :) Ps, I'd love to see a pick of your reef tank too! :)
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