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Hi been poking around your forum for a while found it interesting so I decided to join up .
I am from Redcliffe in Queensland , Australia - so not everything on the forum is relevant .
I have been breeding fish for 50 years - you read right , yes 50 years ( I am old - moving on ) I have had various planted tanks over the years . I had considerable success with metal halide lighting and not as much with T5ho which I no longer use . Due to Aussie power costs halides are no longer practical . So now I am trying to use Led lights with pressurized CO2 - still ironing out the bugs .
Anyway a pic of my 24x18x24 inch 44gallon desktop tank .
Has 2 Kessil Amazon sun Led lights Pressurized CO2 EcoComplete substrate and a very basic fertilization regime using Aquasonic products ( Aussie company )
As you can see there is much to be sorted !


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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