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hi folx!...very new to hobby

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my name is Deb Hamilton and i live in Dayton,Ohio. isigned up for this site on11/28, though, just getting the nerve to intro myself now.

i got started actually, by going to LFS for dog and cat food. you have to walk past the fish area to get to the d and c food. they had the saddest bunch of bettas i ever had fin and tail rot and cotton mouth, totally clamped and was barely upright. some madness posessed me and i just couldn't let him die that a filthy cup, on a friggin' shelf. a friend had given me an old 10gal with wrought iron stand just to get it out of her garage, so i decided , if this fish was gonna least it would be with some dignity. got a hood and 2 fluval/1's and went to the store manager and reemed him a new one for the condition of the fish and asked if he'd give him to me free...which he did as well as a small discount on the other stuff. it was definitely to make me shutup and go away! i took aquavelva,that's what i named him home and started researching...long story,short...he regained health and then more research...bettas like live plants, it makes them smile...more research...plants like substrate and co2, it makes THEM smile...more research...correct water perameters...make everybody smile! here i learn, learn,learn. and go more broke as i do :wink: . i've been reading and learning so much, and i appreciate the fact that i have TONS more to learn...and you folx have a wealth of experience and knowledge, that, if i'm good and don't tick anybody off. you all will share...nice to be here!
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Welcome aboard! Oh and thanks for saving your Betta's life!!!! Some LFS are torture chambers for the charges. Ticks me off too. I've saved a Betta or two in my lifetime - it's good for the heart and good for the soul.
10 gallons for a Betta, he's gonna love it! When he's all better, you should be able to add some other fish in there too. You could always start off with the easier plants. Anubias, java ferns, moss.. with some drift wood. Arranged nice and it can make a great looking low maintenance tank that your betta, will love.

So how's he doing now?
I'm just south of you..
You don't have to go broke... You can maintain a nice planted tank without any high tech equipment.. It's called a Low-tech tank but the rules apply but on a smaller scale.

And try not to do rescues. It just encourages them to buy more bettas and treat them like that.
Thanx for replies...!

thanx so much for the welcome!
the tank has been set up about 5 months now and i have added 3 oto's, 3 dwarf pepper corys, and 3 dwarf sunset platys...everybody appears to be doing great. Aquavelva is great! i got him some fresh bloodworms and some beefheart to add to his hikari gold betta pellets and he is a happy fat betta piglet and he looks soooo much can see him smile.:icon_smil

i have a 'jungle' of water wisteria, some anacharis, a little(kind of sad) hornwort, a java fern and the tiny microscopic beginnings of some java moss, a sword and an umbrella plant. running airstone 24/7 and DIY co2,2 liter-sugar,water,yeast silicone tubing putting out fine bubbles through ceramic airstone at about 3-5 seconds between bubble streams. man! that co2 is kickin' it!

i do 30-50% WC once a week, 5ml seacham flourish at WC. i have soft water, but high alkaline content ph stays between 6.7 and 7. found out that pimafix and melafix are a lifesaver. have natural sealed pebbles, medium and small mixed and about an oz. of laterite per gallon added.add 1 TBSP sea salt when mixing water for WC as well as dechlorinator. have 2 fluval/1's one running fluval sponge media with a carbon pad and the other running nylon mesh bag with blue diamondcharcoal and that white ammo removing stuff.

i have trimmed that tank at least 4 times already and have given away much very healthy wisteria to a coupla friends here at work that wanted to see if they could get it to live in their tanks. i am going to try to attch a pic of my tank...let's see what happens! the layout of the tank is really bad but i am hooked now and i want to get a 20 gal and set it up a lot better with all that i've learned...a real aquascape as opposed to just seeing if i could do it and keep things guys are awesome for even saying hello!


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Aww, bless your heart! Aquavelva is a real beauty - and VERY lucky to catch the attention of a kind soul like you!

Your plant farm looks great! Quick question though, you have an airstone from an airpump AND DIY CO2 going? I'm assuming all those bubbles aren't CO2, yes? (otherwise, wow!) You could probably save a lot more of the gas if you shut your airstone off. Most of the CO2 going in is coming right back out! If you're concerned about getting too much CO2 in the water, the most likely time for this to happen is when the lights are off. If you're really concerned about having too much CO2, just put your air-pump on a timer and have it come on when your lights are off. I bet you'll see even more explosive growth from your plants then!

Your filters are a great choice for a planted tank, no splashing and no outgassing there! I have an internal fluval on my 15 gallon tank at the office, and I really like it.

If you're ever in the market for more plants, let me know! Dayton isn't too far from Indy so shipping would be quick. Also, there's a fantastic fish club (GCAS) in Cincinnati that does public auctions, and those are SOOO FuN. Certainly worth the drive!
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yeah, i have airpump to an airstone too...

hi jen,
yes i have airstone going too. i never thought of putting the air pump on a timer...great idea! i was concerned about co2 overload endangering my fish, though i would like to see my plants explode even more. i change my DIY co2 media every 2 wks and i have 20w flourescent plant lite bulb that came with the hood. i run it 12 hrs on and then 2-4 hrs with a little halogen moonlight, then no light for the night. thanx again for the reply...i am teachable and willing to try stuff to nake both plants and fish least within my paltry budget. :fish:

Welcome! You'll find this is a great place to learn abouty planted aquariums. I got a 26 gallon bowfront aquarium last Christmas. Started out full of plastic plants, bubbling castles and treasure chests with really ugly blue and white gravel. Thought it might be nice to have a real plant in the aquarium, did a little web surfing and found out people were setting up awesome planted tanks. My 26 gallon tank looks nothing like it did six months ago. I'm in the process of collecting all the equipment for a 75 gallon tank that I bought a few months ago. I'm so hooked on this! Hopefully Santa will bring me the last few items I need to get it going

By the way, I love your signature. Life should be pushed to the fullest!

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