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Hi All,

GSAS would like the input of WA TPT members as to what talk we should ask Paul Loiselle to give for our June meeting. Paul has extensive experience with many species, here are the talks we can choose from:
(Please just post your choice to this thread - thanks -Roy)

Selected Program Titles

Paul's programs are all Power Point presentations. They typically run 50 to 60 minutes and contain 70 to 80 color images. The following are his most frequently requested programs. Programs on other cichlid groups or collecting fishes in Africa or the New World tropics are available on request.

Ny Trondro Malagasy!
Home to lemurs, chameleons and exotic plants, the fabulous Red Island also boasts an amazing - and gravely threatened - assemblage of endemic fishes. This introduction to the Malagasy ichthyofauna focuses on Madagascar's endemic rainbowfishes, killies and cichlids, discusses the reasons for their dramatic decline and outlines how aquarists can play a role in saving these living fossils from extinction.

Ny Zono Malagasy! B Madagascar Rainbowfish! Long before Madagascar=s cichlids made their aquarium debut, killies and rainbowfishes from the Red Island were established in the hobby. This program introduces the many spectacular new Bedotia and Rheocles species discovered in the past decade, discusses their aquarium husbandry and outlines how hobbyists can help to assure their survival.

Ny Komorora! B The Killifish of Madagascar!
Madagascar was once thought to have only two native killifish. Recent field work has revealed that the island is home to at least eight Pachypanchax species. This program introduces these colorful Alittle grains of [email protected] to the hobby, discusses their aquarium husbandry and outlines how hobbyists can help to assure their survival.

Dwarf Cichlids B Cichlid Power in a Small Package.
The great secret of cichlid keeping is out - there are species able to prosper in twenty gallons of water! This overview of cichlids scaled for life in smaller aquaria focuses on the basic husbandry and breeding of both Neotropical and African dwarf cichlids.

The Survivors – A Lake Victoria Update.
The introduction of the Nile perch to Lake Victoria in the 1950's precipitated the largest single extinction of vertebrate species since the disappearance of the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. This program focuses on the natural history and husbandry of Lake Victoria's colorful rock-dwelling cichlids, exposes ongoing threats to their continued survival in nature and outlines measures undertaken to save what remains of this spectacular manifestation of cichlid diversity.

Hemichromis - Africa=s Living Flames. The jewel fish was one of the first African cichlids to earn a secure place in the aquarium hobby. Over a dozen hemichromin species in two genera continue to fascinate cichlid enthusiasts with their fiery coloration and fascinating behavior. This introduction to the natural history and aquarium husbandry of the hemichromins introduces hobbyists to a fascinating group of species that truly expands the popular definition of AAfrican [email protected]

West African Cichlids. Long before the cichlids of Africa=s Great Lakes made their debut in the hobby, West African cichlids were popular aquarium residents. This program focuses upon the aquarium husbandry of three dominant groups of West African cichlids, the jewel cichlids of the genus Hemichromis, the dwarf cichlids of the Chromidotilapia lineage and the underappreciated tilapias.

What – If Anything – Is a Tilapia? Although they are without a doubt the most economically important representatives of the family, tilapias have long had the reputation of being the “ugly ducklings” of the cichlid hobby. This program presents an overview of a diverse andunjustly denigrated assemblage of cichlids that updates the group’s taxonomy in light of recently published genetic studies.

Dynamic Danios, Resplendent Resboras. An overview of these popular aquarium residents that updates their taxonomy and introduces the many species that have made their debut as ornamental dish over the past two decades.

What – If Anything – Is a Barb?
An overview of these popular aquarium residents that updates their taxonomy,reviews hobby staples and introduces the many species that have been introduced to the hobby over the past few decades.

Good Things in Small Packages
– The popularity of nano-aquariums seems inversely proportional to their size! However, managing these mini-aquaria can be a real challenge This program offers helpful husbandry hints for the novice nano-tank keeper and presents a review of the many fish species that will thrive in a nano-aquarium.

Aquarists and Conservation. Tigers, rhinos and pandas aren't alone in facing the threat of extinction. Freshwater fishes world-wide are menaced by deforestation, mining of ground water, chemical pollution and the introduction of exotic competitors and predators. This program outlines major threats to aquatic biodiversity and calls on amateur aquarists to mobilize now to save the fishes upon which their hobby depends.
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