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Hey! Need some help on how much light i should have.

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Hey guys! Im new here. Ive done some fish keeping a year ago and now i want to get a 10 gallon with some live plants this time. Im going to get a 10 gallon tank with 6 Neon tetras, 2 Cherry or Ghost shrimp, a Red Ramshorn Snail, and a corydoras catfish. The plan of this setup it to keep money and matience also light to a minimum. The plants im going to choose are Egeria (5-10 stems), Hair grass (50 stems that i plan to spread out 1-3 stems each 2 cm of ground. I plan to use the Hair grass as a carpet when everything grows in and creates new grass) and ofcourse Java moss (1-2 Golfballs of them. I plan to attach them to plastic mesh and grow it in the back of the tank.) My substrate is going to be pea gravel with Seachems Flourish Excell as a fertilizer. I havent decided whether or not i should use a DIY Co2 system because im not sure if i need it or not. So thats where you guys come in! :-D I basically got everything down but just got a few questions.

1) How much wattage would i need for the 10 gallon and all the plants for it to grow sufficiently.

2) Would the plants grow nicely in these conditions (With me using pea gravel)

3) Do i need a co2?

Thanks guys!
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not to be mean, but this question seems to be popping up a lot recently. a little time with the search function will yield all the answers you need. i would even guess the answer is somewhere on the first or second page of this very category. though i'm sure someone's going to answer you anyways and promote the i'm lazy or new, just tell me what to do mind set.

and like everyone else tends to say, you should go read rex's guide on

welcome to the planted tank :)
Oh sorry. I havent realized that anyone else was having the problem i was. I shouldve looked first.
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