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Hey all, new here

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I've always been fond of fish and marine life. I've had my share of goldfish and whatnot, but now since I'm older I want things done right.

I have an AGA 5.5gallon tank (on my fireplace mantel with shims since it was totally not level and small) with a Perfecto strip light (13W CFL 6500k) over a glass canopy. Filtered by an Aqua Clear 10 and substrate is Eco-complete. I have some platys and shrimp, but the shrimp died and only a few Trumpet snails remain. My plants died, but that was my fault for not being careful with my nutrients and lighting. Only one plant remains, not sure what it is since I got this stuff a couple years ago before I learned more about it.

Anyway I plan on redoing the whole system, I'm keeping the tank but going to clean it out totally since it has a serious algae and detritus problem. Canopy will be cleaned as well, but this time I'm going to a Hydro Sponge Pro II filter with a Tetra Whisper 10 air pump. I already bought everything just waiting on my new stand and live plants before I actually do this revamp.

I do have one question though, should I use a background taped to the outside of the tank? I have one on it now (blue water picture to give it an "oceany" feel. However, the algae grew significantly on the back pane of the tank mostly which lead me to think that light was getting "trapped" by the background film/paper and causing algae growth.

Lastly, not sure what to stock it with. Definetely considering Red Dwarf Crayfish (CPO) a few Malayasian Trumpet Snails. Not sure which fish to get, Microrasboras? Scarlet Badis? (do not want a Beta).

New setup in the works:
AGA 5.5g Tank will be cleaned up and scrubbed and placed on an actual stand with a nice base.
Hydro Sponge Pro II powered by Tetra Whisper 10 with check valve
Petco White Sand substrate
Shale rocks for landscape
Will salvage the last remaining plant and put it into new setup
Javan Fern
Dwarf Hairgrass
1-2 Stems of Anacharis
13W CFL 6500k
Liquid Fert

Should I use my current background taped to the back glass pane or leave it open? I have a theory that background film makes my tank look smaller.


Thanks! Sorry for the long post!
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