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henri's 4.1gal betta boxes !!

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hello everyone!

here are some pictures of my twin betta tanks (odysseus/odie on the left, panda on the right). tanks are 4.1gal rimless low-iron by aquatop. the tanks are currently on blackout due to suspected velvet and i'm planning on moving stuff around once that's been dealt with.

i would like to add more ludwigia & use hydro sp. japan as carpeting. driftwood is soaking/sinking on my porch, will add that once i get a chance to cure it. as for the lid I am concerned about jumping, however my plants are starting to reach the current lid and i would like them to grow upwards w/o increasing my chances of one of the boys jumping into the other's tank. suggestions?


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I've had several betta's and never had a jumping problem. Currently have one in a 2.5 gallon. I think with enough cover and regular feeding they don't feel the need. I have had friends whose betta's do jump though so I know they do it. Maybe I'm just a better owner than my friends?
I've not kept multiple bettas at once so I have no experience with this. However my suggestion -if you really want to go topless tank- would be to take the tow lids (assuming their cubes and same dimensions as the side panel of the tank) and a piece of colored construction paper,and put them between the tanks like a sandwich tank-lid-paper-lid-tank. They no longer see eachother, not likely to jump on the pretext of attacking the other. However they can still jump for other reasons. Many people say keeping a lot of floaters on the surface helps deter jumping too. My 10g has a betta, its only about 1/3-1/2 covered in floaters and he's been in a few days, no jumping yet ^^
What brad of heater and filter are you using for the tanks?
I'm using 50w viaaqua heaters for both, and two azoo palm filters that I've modified and added charcoal and those little ceramic bio-beads to. I've already got some paper between them and planned to use it only temporarily while waiting for the ludwigia on that side to grow in, but that's a very good idea... I have sunset hygro floating with both (they sleep in it & it's really cute). I'm just overly paranoid because theyre like my fish-pets instead of my fish-fish, ya know?

Has anyone had custom lids cut for their tanks before? I'm thinking of maybe doing one that adds rims but leaves the center open... in which case, glass or acrylic?

Thank you all for all your suggestions/help!

edit: oops, forgot to list my plants:

echinodorus angustifolia 'Vesuvius'
sunset hygro
ludwigia sp. red

planning on adding some hygro 'japan' and ludwigia repens (I think, I snagged it from work when the order came in, but my boss processed the packing slip before I could even opened the box, so I literally have no idea what this actually is/what is in my plant tanks @ right now lmao).

lighting is currently a 40w desk lamp, and the tank sits underneath a window as well as to the left of another. does anyone have suggestions for plants? I was hoping to go with mostly east asian/southeast asian species, and would like a kind of mononoke/nestlike look. Thanks again!
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I've used polycarbonate lids (can get real cheap sheets from homedepo), but not made one for a rimless tank, I'm sure you can fine some sort of clear plastic tabs/90* angled pieces to glue to the lid.
I have a single male betta in a ten gallon, open top tank, planted. No trouble with jumping, here...But also no one to scrap with.
I've used polycarbonate lids (can get real cheap sheets from homedepo), but not made one for a rimless tank, I'm sure you can fine some sort of clear plastic tabs/90* angled pieces to glue to the lid.
I'll look into that, I can probably have my dad help me aha. (I'm really not that great at making stuff that actually functions... =e n e=

I haven't had issues w/ my betta in my 20H jumping either,,, but then again he has quite the territory and enough fun herding my rasboras. I am planning on adding more vesuvius, so I will go with the cardboard suggestion and just keep a lid on the tank until it grows up and out a bit more.

Unfortunately I've got a suspected case of velvet in both the tanks, and I'm treating with a blackout/quick cure. Was planning to rescape those two anyway, since I have my wood pieces done. Would rather lose the plants than the fish IMO. We'll see how it goes.
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