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Time to change aquascaping in my nano shrimp tank, and unloading number of PFR shrimps too as seen in the picture.

Available plant is the Hemianthus Callitrichoides (HC, Baby dwarf tears) that was grown in pressurized CO2 and lots of light.

Approximate size is 7x15 inches (rooted)- $100 Shipped with USPS priority mail.

PFR shrimps
Subadults- adults (size ranges from 1/3-1/2 inches) - $3 per shrimp, and it will be shipped out with insulated box, kordon breather bag with a portion of round pelia. Shipping is $7 for the shrimp in the USPS priority mail.

Please mind your weather around since there is NO DOA guarantee for the plants and shrimps.
PM me for any question, and please ask for combined shipping with plants and shrimps.


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