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Hemianthous Cuba melting! Please Help!

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I will try to be short so I will post the timeline of my aquarium without too much detail and then the current situation:

1. Added JBL Manado to a 20L tank
2. Added cutlets of Hemianthous Calitrihoides Cuba and carried out Dry Start Method for 3 months
3. Filled in the tank with water, added pressurised CO2, Estimative Index dosing regime and an 11w CFL light exactly over water surface (note the bulb was old and the plastic cup sealing the light was probably cutting back on its ability)
4. I got diatoms and blue green algae
5. Did a blackout for 3 days and all was gone
6. Melting begun and now here I am

Current set-up
Tank: 20L Hailea F-series
Filter: internal filter 200 l/h with spray bar fixed on the left side of the tank slightly pointing down
CO2: Pressurised CO2 bottle with an UP atomiser fixed opposite the filter spray bar thus pushing the CO2 mist downwards. To be sure I have no CO2 problems the bubble count is so fast it is not measurable, however UP atomiser is still in mist form rather than bubbles. It switches on 2 hours before lights on.
Water parameters: Ph is 6 and Kh is 9 that leads to a CO2 of 270 ppm. No livestock in tank so just cranked it up to be sure.
EI Dosing: Half a teaspoon KNO3, half a teaspoon KH2PO4, 5ml Sera Florena leads to overdosing of Macros and Micros
Light: 11w CFL bulb on for 4 hours a day. Bulb is sealed in a plastic clear compartment on the hood of the tank.
Water changes: 3-4 water 70% changes per week

The problem is that after the blackout even though the Blue Green Algae was gone, the HCC started melting. It is now 1 week after blackout and it is still melting in certain patched areas. Not only this, I have noticed BGA is coming back but I can't afford another blackout.

Please note that yesterday I removed the 11w old CFL bulb and replaced it with a new 6500K 9w one. Also I did not put back the clear plastic sealant.

My questions:
1. Why is the HCC melting?
2. I am overboard on filtration, nutrients, CO2 and when I tell people about 11w over 20L they say light is too much. Why can't I see pearling?
3. Shouldn't I see some new growth? A few runners going left and right?

Thanks in advance
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Photos are needed. Try get some close up detailed shots.

Emersed grown HC sometimes melts after being submersed (which is something that nobody tells you before you set up a dry start).

The blackout might have helped the melt begin. Also, while 11w might have been enough before in the dry start setup when you submersed the plants the light is filtered and reduced by traveling through the water. This means you need more light to keep the same plants alive.

Will need to see photos before saying anything definite, without seeing photos everything is just a conjecture.
This is just one small part of the melting HCC 3 days ago and it now melted almost completly

This is the setup of my tank. The HCC looks good since it was taken the first days I flooded it

This is just on day one and then I added the spray bar

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